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ive been on newgrounds for ages and since the age of about 11, i wanted to make cartoons. i did so on aniboom shapeshifter. but it was good enough for me back then. i have discovered you can make flash cartoons a couple of years back in school.

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Posted by JMac96 - March 4th, 2015

I'm not making any promises (since they always seem to jinx things up for me) but i have been slowly making more comics, I have been making a comic series since late October last year called Paradox which explores more on what a time paradox is and how people can survive by not knowing if they are living inside of one. Which might sound confusing but its a story involving time travel (of course its gonna get a bit confusing at some times.) These do take time to draw and that would probably be why I've almost got 5 comics on my computer.

Also I have made another comic series in progress called Brainfart which I have coincidentally made almost 5 comics of which is all about how your brain says the most controversially offensive stuff when you at least expect it. And it's loosely based on my mind and how I have brainfarts once in a while due to my screwed up sence of humour mainly from reading Cyanide and Happiness webcomics and watching Monty Python roughly about 5 years ago. I just wanted to let people know that I havent stopped making comics online because thats all I ever wanted to do since I was about 9 years old and now it's actually happened, I just need to be better at it and make more regularly but I may or may not go back into college next year since I am on my gap year at 18 years old.

Also I have working on a flash game with my girlfriend since September last year called Secret Grimore, its an Adventure RPG that is taking its sweet time to make since I havent actually made any flash projects that requited much code in it but I learnt it myself by looking up online and it's going great.

I have as well ontop of all of that have been thinking of setting up my own Patreon account when my visa card gets delivered in less than a week from now (hopefully) where I'll post Paradox and Brainfart comics there about a week or 2 before I upload them onto Newgrounds since some of my friends said that might be a good idea. 

I am up for suggestions as to how I should plan the next few weeks or months for the comics and the possible Patreon account next week and thanks for reading :)

Posted by JMac96 - January 22nd, 2014

i made a comic series a year ago and i tried to make an animation series based off of it but i didnt find the time to make it animated so ive decided to just drop everything except for college in order to try and at least develop my year old comic series into a better version with an actually good storyline to it but i have no idea how to write the script to it though lol so i might need help with that. if anyones interested with helping me out, that might be cool. i have the main storyline already and all i need to do is to decide what the main characters would look like so im gonna draw them after this post and most likely upload it onto my newgrounds dump, ill paste the url somewhere in this post afterwards. also its a zombie survival story (original i know(!)) so yeah, it may be preferable if you do want to help me with the script to PM me so i know if anyones serious about this. i cant promise any money rewards but i am definately going to credit anyone who may get involved in this project thing

EDIT 23rd January 2014

heres the url for the character designs mentioned above



Posted by JMac96 - December 6th, 2013

On the offchance that someone will read this post, I have some stuff to explain. Not to you reading this as much but for me to know somepoint into the future if I come across this crappy post but if you want to read this post, you might as well keep reading it if you want to.


I started my account on newgrounds hoping I can make some cartoons so I could follow my 7 year old dream of becoming a well known animator and I only submitted one cartoon. That cartoon I so dearly hate because I thought of submitting it as a cartoon test type thing when I only had 2 days to work on it in the springtime earlier this year of 2013 and since then, I have shown friends around newgrounds some "cartoons" I put onto my newgrounds dumping grounds which I have a screenshot of here:


The point I'm trying to make here is that I make such rubbish junk without realising it's even rubbish compared to anything else submitted here on newgrounds and lately I have submitted more artwork I made since late october and it's fun because I sort of know they have potential to be shown into the art portal. These drawings usually take me around 20-30 minutes to make but with animations, it takes lots of people here weeks and months to produce something great which is nothing but trouble for me as I'm currently at college and due to unemployment rates in britain, it's the law for me to have at least one year in further education for free.

Here's where it gets complicated. Oh boy.

I have to retake GCSE english in order to stay on an art course. art for 2 years and english for just one year. if i was to fuck up in english then bye to college which is alright by me in a way as I can spend more time learning to make cartoons for a living but if i get the english course done and complete by spring and have another year in art, then i could get my qualifications and move into university which financially, doesn't sound as great to me as I don't think I will gain thousands of pounds per month to repay loans or stuff like that if I just want to make cartoons for life so I could go either way I guess.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Now that I bored the shit out of you, let me take the time to say there will be a platform game partially made by me and this guy who i've known on newgrounds since summer who goes by the name of GhostDataForgers on newgrounds and that will be online this month and I am working on a cartoon for christmas but Im afraid to say that it won't be animated by me but someone else with voice actors because theres liek only 3 weeks till christmas but i have half of the story done already so thats good.

I have stories which I could offer to other people on newgrounds if they want to animate like me who actually have the time on their hands to do.

I have the series of "Laura"

The "zombie" series which I had in mind for around a whole year now

I think thats about it so if you want these ideas or know someone who would want them, please PM me or leave a comment below to see some special arrangements or something other like that and I hope you haven't died of complete boredom whilst reading this. Thanks.

Posted by JMac96 - November 10th, 2013

EVERYTHING. everything is a mess. before i would of just animated any story no matter what but now ive put in more thought to what i wanna animate. i have 3 stories so far. one is the continuation of the "laura" series which i decided not to do a reboot cartoon about. i decided just to make a second episode with more quality animation and an actual play button. another is a more dark and surreal story about the life and death of others which i have the story done so far but i need help with the dialogue ad stuff, another is the zombie survival story which i have been working on since fucking february but back then it was a stupid comic series i wrote on paper as a form of procrastination from watching macbeth in english which probably explains why i need to retake gcse english at college lol. there was this story however about 2 guys trapped in the life of video games but then me and a friend of mine decided it wont be original enough and most of the story would just reference and parodise other games and stuff. i have been able to fill in this void i have been having when not able to animate since i got a new computer and i need a better version of flash than flash8 which i had been using for a number of stuff i done over spring and summer like "laura" and my first art submission along with tonnes of crap i just put into my newgrounds dump. im i done with this post? i think i am. cool

Posted by JMac96 - September 21st, 2013

i made lots of comics over the years and i found one ages ago which back then i must of been about 12 years old. i wanted to do it onto aniboom shapeshifter which is now crap due to aniboom's redesign a few years back and now i decided to make a storyboard based on the comic i did back then and then make an animation of it onto flash sometime soon so yay. im thinking on calling it "half a decade abandonment story" or something like that so im working on that. i have drawn the storyboards for the rebbot of my cartoon so a friend of mine can animate mainly for two reasons: because i really like his style of animation and you can see him on http://jaykaylives.newgrounds.com/ and because im afraid if it may be worse than the previous version if i end up animating it but it was planned to be a cartoon series of up to about 12 episodes or something. i also (oh my god) have another comic i made february up to april of a zombie story and a storyboard about being trapped in a gaming universe or something like that so yeah. i have the main ideas, i just need to animate it all but i have lost flash8 due to computer problems but i might, just might be able even though very unlikely be able to animate it in college. i am aiming to have something animated by the end of the year so thats my goal. have learnt alot about animating during the summer and about tweens and stuff so im fully ready-ish. i think thats about it. oh yeah! a game is in development with GhostDataForger so that might be out soon. i provide the art style and he provides code and programming. if you are planning to make a game, i recommend going to him if you are planning on making a game if you need help with code because i didnt know squat and i still dont know squat about coding but i might in the future. thats it (hopefully) for the future today so see ya in another post!

Posted by JMac96 - July 19th, 2013

i have been making a reboot of my last cartoon as it was rubbish and it'll be stretched out longer, so yay for that. but me and a friend of mine Lenny, have been throwing ideas about and around for a proper flash series with (hopefully) better animation, more time to make and an awesome story so i'm excited as hell for that. i have uploaded an art submission on my newgrounds dump here http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/68579c08a6e1 1aaf9a75b4e3d48d4091 for the very first frame worked on and i have been making myself used to animating walk cycles for the series as the walk cycle for the last flash was terrible and focused a bit more on proportions of the body. we are still working on the main storyboards but hopefully, it should turn out great! chances are that i may put up update posts like this to keep anyone informed on what we are doing at the time so yeah. see ya for the meantime