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ive been on newgrounds for ages and since the age of about 11, i wanted to make cartoons. i did so on aniboom shapeshifter. but it was good enough for me back then. i have discovered you can make flash cartoons a couple of years back in school.

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Everything is a mess

Posted by JMac96 - November 10th, 2013

EVERYTHING. everything is a mess. before i would of just animated any story no matter what but now ive put in more thought to what i wanna animate. i have 3 stories so far. one is the continuation of the "laura" series which i decided not to do a reboot cartoon about. i decided just to make a second episode with more quality animation and an actual play button. another is a more dark and surreal story about the life and death of others which i have the story done so far but i need help with the dialogue ad stuff, another is the zombie survival story which i have been working on since fucking february but back then it was a stupid comic series i wrote on paper as a form of procrastination from watching macbeth in english which probably explains why i need to retake gcse english at college lol. there was this story however about 2 guys trapped in the life of video games but then me and a friend of mine decided it wont be original enough and most of the story would just reference and parodise other games and stuff. i have been able to fill in this void i have been having when not able to animate since i got a new computer and i need a better version of flash than flash8 which i had been using for a number of stuff i done over spring and summer like "laura" and my first art submission along with tonnes of crap i just put into my newgrounds dump. im i done with this post? i think i am. cool