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ive been on newgrounds for ages and since the age of about 11, i wanted to make cartoons. i did so on aniboom shapeshifter. but it was good enough for me back then. i have discovered you can make flash cartoons a couple of years back in school.

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Posted by JMac96 - March 4th, 2015

I'm not making any promises (since they always seem to jinx things up for me) but i have been slowly making more comics, I have been making a comic series since late October last year called Paradox which explores more on what a time paradox is and how people can survive by not knowing if they are living inside of one. Which might sound confusing but its a story involving time travel (of course its gonna get a bit confusing at some times.) These do take time to draw and that would probably be why I've almost got 5 comics on my computer.

Also I have made another comic series in progress called Brainfart which I have coincidentally made almost 5 comics of which is all about how your brain says the most controversially offensive stuff when you at least expect it. And it's loosely based on my mind and how I have brainfarts once in a while due to my screwed up sence of humour mainly from reading Cyanide and Happiness webcomics and watching Monty Python roughly about 5 years ago. I just wanted to let people know that I havent stopped making comics online because thats all I ever wanted to do since I was about 9 years old and now it's actually happened, I just need to be better at it and make more regularly but I may or may not go back into college next year since I am on my gap year at 18 years old.

Also I have working on a flash game with my girlfriend since September last year called Secret Grimore, its an Adventure RPG that is taking its sweet time to make since I havent actually made any flash projects that requited much code in it but I learnt it myself by looking up online and it's going great.

I have as well ontop of all of that have been thinking of setting up my own Patreon account when my visa card gets delivered in less than a week from now (hopefully) where I'll post Paradox and Brainfart comics there about a week or 2 before I upload them onto Newgrounds since some of my friends said that might be a good idea. 

I am up for suggestions as to how I should plan the next few weeks or months for the comics and the possible Patreon account next week and thanks for reading :)

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awesome, cant wait. it will a whole ton of comics =D

Well Dude !
If you need An idea for story !
I have An Idea , But am too lazy to work on it !