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ive been on newgrounds for ages and since the age of about 11, i wanted to make cartoons. i did so on aniboom shapeshifter. but it was good enough for me back then. i have discovered you can make flash cartoons a couple of years back in school.

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Posted by JMac96 - September 21st, 2013

i made lots of comics over the years and i found one ages ago which back then i must of been about 12 years old. i wanted to do it onto aniboom shapeshifter which is now crap due to aniboom's redesign a few years back and now i decided to make a storyboard based on the comic i did back then and then make an animation of it onto flash sometime soon so yay. im thinking on calling it "half a decade abandonment story" or something like that so im working on that. i have drawn the storyboards for the rebbot of my cartoon so a friend of mine can animate mainly for two reasons: because i really like his style of animation and you can see him on http://jaykaylives.newgrounds.com/ and because im afraid if it may be worse than the previous version if i end up animating it but it was planned to be a cartoon series of up to about 12 episodes or something. i also (oh my god) have another comic i made february up to april of a zombie story and a storyboard about being trapped in a gaming universe or something like that so yeah. i have the main ideas, i just need to animate it all but i have lost flash8 due to computer problems but i might, just might be able even though very unlikely be able to animate it in college. i am aiming to have something animated by the end of the year so thats my goal. have learnt alot about animating during the summer and about tweens and stuff so im fully ready-ish. i think thats about it. oh yeah! a game is in development with GhostDataForger so that might be out soon. i provide the art style and he provides code and programming. if you are planning to make a game, i recommend going to him if you are planning on making a game if you need help with code because i didnt know squat and i still dont know squat about coding but i might in the future. thats it (hopefully) for the future today so see ya in another post!