Its something, at least

2014-01-22 14:22:35 by JMac96

i made a comic series a year ago and i tried to make an animation series based off of it but i didnt find the time to make it animated so ive decided to just drop everything except for college in order to try and at least develop my year old comic series into a better version with an actually good storyline to it but i have no idea how to write the script to it though lol so i might need help with that. if anyones interested with helping me out, that might be cool. i have the main storyline already and all i need to do is to decide what the main characters would look like so im gonna draw them after this post and most likely upload it onto my newgrounds dump, ill paste the url somewhere in this post afterwards. also its a zombie survival story (original i know(!)) so yeah, it may be preferable if you do want to help me with the script to PM me so i know if anyones serious about this. i cant promise any money rewards but i am definately going to credit anyone who may get involved in this project thing

EDIT 23rd January 2014

heres the url for the character designs mentioned above



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2014-01-24 14:55:46

Awesome, and i think i can help you with your story. =]

JMac96 responds:

ive got most of the story done but i mostly need help with scripting


2014-01-26 05:49:16

Cool idea i can help too

JMac96 responds:

sure, i have to write a better version of the story first and then you could help with the script if you want