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holy hell that was too funny XD i laughed so much at that last joke with the flintstones, so funny, great animation and i hope to see more =D

XD lol thats so funny

i liked that alot, its cute. reminds me of shaun the sheep lol

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good graphics and gameplay involved but may i suggest that for every 10 or 20 points you get, the character can get a bit faster because it seemed a bit too easy but except for that its a pretty good game :)

the music earraped me sorry, also the game doesnt work for me

ceosol responds:

Thanks for the comment. I put in a music mute button in the level selection screen (although collisions still make noise). Can you be more specific on what part of the game didn't work? Since you heard music you obviously did get into the game. Maybe I can update something or make a different version that is more accessible if I know what went wrong.

wow. that was awesome, it would be even more cool if there were more choices maybe and if there was a longer story or something like that. this is cool for a game online. i hope you make more of these type of games :D

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if this was made into a loop, it would be an awesome idea to have this track in some retro arcade game. great job!

Noisy responds:

I agree xD Thank you!

awesome track! hope to hear more :D

johnfn responds:

Thanks JMac! The songs never stop... though there may be pauses for a little... :p

epic! sounds really eerie, this music could be made into a horror game or something like that. great work!

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that is too cool, cant wait for the other 21 left to go lol, good luck =D

haha XD lol so funny :D

thats so epic =D take all of my stars!!

ive been on newgrounds for ages and since the age of about 11, i wanted to make cartoons. i did so on aniboom shapeshifter. but it was good enough for me back then. i have discovered you can make flash cartoons a couple of years back in school.

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